Soren on Evolution 11

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Main Event:

-Nathan "Carnage" Corbett vs International opponent
The Evolution team is super excited to have this main event, but sorry there will be no prizes for predicting an explosive performance from Carnage.

Other fighters scheduled:

-Soren vs TBA
Soren will be taking the time out of his busy Thailand fight schedule to return especially for the bout and is in the best form of his career

- Daddy Kool vs Benjamin Ritter
Dane Daddy Kool will be returning to Brisbane after his last victories over Thai opponents in Sydney and his massive elbow ko victory in Lumpinee stadium last weekend

- Eli Maddigan vs TBA (not Shaggy)
On again, off again several times over, with injuries and other problems on both sides in the past, this time unfortunately Shaggy is unavailable for the matchup, despite the Evo team's best efforts to finally make it happen. This time we felt sure that everything was in place to finally stage this bout, but it seems like this one just isn't gonna happen. Who knows - perhaps they are just waiting for more of a buildup? Not to take anything away from Eli, he has stepped up to fight and he will be matched for a war, as you'd all expect on any Evolution show.

- Ghot vs Mikey Tomohawk (rematch)
Anybody who saw Evolution 10 will remember this as one of the absolute highlights of the night, so the Evo team are excited to bring it to y'all again

- Qld title defence, Mark Sarracino (champ) vs Majid NTG at 63.5kg

- Undercard to include Taylor Harvey (Mad-X) and Clinton Cork (from Matrix)

As always, watch this thread for updates as we get closer to the show, probably don't need to point out that this is already shaping up to be an absolute cracker again.