Naruepol vs Soren in The Return of the Contenders in Singapore for WMC Intercontinental Title Fight

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jurong East Sports & Recreation Center will explode on Wednesday 17th of September with muaythai big wigs such as Yodsaeklai, Madsua, Naruepol, Soren and Zig Zach, all fighting on the super star encrusted fight card. The main fight is Contender and WMC World Champion Yodsaenklai versus WMC-S1 Kings Cup 2007 champions Madsua for the WMC World Title. This will be an all out war as the best 2 Thais battle it out in a 6 by 6 meter ring. If that is not enough, the fight that everyone wanted to see in the Contender house will become a reality at this event with Soren Mongkontong going face to face with Naruepol for the WMC Intercontinental Title. The pride of Singapore Zig Zach will take on the Japanese champion Takeshi. The winner of this fight will be eligible to fight for the WMC Asian Title.

To set the house on fire, there will be 2 female world-class fights with Tiana Tiger Caverley the WMC Intercontinental champion taking on Nam Kang from Thailand, and Natalie Zoukatas the 2006 Swedish Champion taking on Lisa from the United Kingdom for the WMC European Title. The undercard will feature fights Singapore versus Singapore to determine who will fight in the next international WMC event. Please check out or call 6382 2235 for ticket inquiries. Fights will start at 18.00 sharp with the international program kicking off at 20.00. If you have not had the chance to see Yodsaenklai, Soren or Naruepol fighting live, then this is something you definitely DO NOT want to miss! Other entertainment on the night will include the Miss Round Girl competition, lucky draws and VIPs will be given a special VIP goody bag and the chance to mingle with the fighters at the after fight party! Be there!

Soren MongKonTong

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Soren is another fighter from Queensland Australia, he trains out of the Nuggests Gym in Queensland, he represents the Eminent Air Gym in Bangkok. Sorren is considered a top 10 fighter in his WMC division. He has a record of 68 fights 49 wins 17 losses 2 draws - 30 k.o's, one of his notable wins was against Jomhod back in March, and Muay Thai Legend Orono in June.

Soren Mongkontong hails from Brisbane where he represents NTG Gym. The Queenslander is the World Muay Thai Council Super 8 Champion World Series Champion as well as the WMC InterContinental Champion. One of the mostpromising fighters to emerge from Australia, 25 year old Mongkontong trains with Eminent Air Boxing Gym in Thailand and possesses a formidable fight record of 35 wins from 48 fights, with 20 KOs a draw and 12 losses. Soren youth is his greatest asset as he continues to mature as a fighter. A calm personality belies an explosive style in the ring and makes him one to watch.

In 2007 Soren Monkongtong was featured in The Contender Asia reality show. Soren was on the Tiger Kings. He fought Alain Sylvestre whom he beat and lost to Dzhabar Askerov after being knocked out by a vicious overhand right. In the Contender Finale, Soren fought Sean Wright and won on points.

Personal Information

  • Name: Soren MongKonTong
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Titles: WMC Supa 8 Tournament Champion
  • Team: NTG Gym
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia


  • Fights: 48
  • Wins: 35
  • Losses: 12
  • Draw: 1
  • KO's: 20


  • Current WMC Intercontinental champion middleweight
  • 2005 WMC Evolution champion
  • 2004 WMC Evolution champion
  • 2004 Chewang Stadium champion
  • 2002 WMC SUPA8 champion
  • 2002 WMC Intercontinental Welter weight champion

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16 fighters of the Contender Asia 2008 including Soren Mongkontong

Sunday, December 2, 2007

16 fighters of the Contender Asia 2008. 16 fighters from 12 countries. The more detail about each fighters will be available soon. Here we go:

  1. Alain Sylvestre from Canada
  2. Bruce Macfie from Australia
  3. David Pacquette from England
  4. Dzhabar Askerov from United Arab Emirates
  5. James Martinez from USA
  6. John Wayne Parr from Australia
  7. Naruepol Fairtex from Thailand
  8. Jose Pitu Sans from Spain
  9. Rafik Bakkouri from France
  10. Sean Wright from Scotland
  11. Soren Mongkontong from Australia
  12. Trevor Smandych from Canada
  13. Yodsaenklai from Thailand
  14. “Yukay” Joakim Karlsson from Sweden
  15. Zig Zach from Singapore
  16. Zidov Dominik from Switzerland

Soren on Evolution 11

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Main Event:

-Nathan "Carnage" Corbett vs International opponent
The Evolution team is super excited to have this main event, but sorry there will be no prizes for predicting an explosive performance from Carnage.

Other fighters scheduled:

-Soren vs TBA
Soren will be taking the time out of his busy Thailand fight schedule to return especially for the bout and is in the best form of his career

- Daddy Kool vs Benjamin Ritter
Dane Daddy Kool will be returning to Brisbane after his last victories over Thai opponents in Sydney and his massive elbow ko victory in Lumpinee stadium last weekend

- Eli Maddigan vs TBA (not Shaggy)
On again, off again several times over, with injuries and other problems on both sides in the past, this time unfortunately Shaggy is unavailable for the matchup, despite the Evo team's best efforts to finally make it happen. This time we felt sure that everything was in place to finally stage this bout, but it seems like this one just isn't gonna happen. Who knows - perhaps they are just waiting for more of a buildup? Not to take anything away from Eli, he has stepped up to fight and he will be matched for a war, as you'd all expect on any Evolution show.

- Ghot vs Mikey Tomohawk (rematch)
Anybody who saw Evolution 10 will remember this as one of the absolute highlights of the night, so the Evo team are excited to bring it to y'all again

- Qld title defence, Mark Sarracino (champ) vs Majid NTG at 63.5kg

- Undercard to include Taylor Harvey (Mad-X) and Clinton Cork (from Matrix)

As always, watch this thread for updates as we get closer to the show, probably don't need to point out that this is already shaping up to be an absolute cracker again.

Brute Force features Soren in WMC show in Melbourne

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Melbourne was recently host to a great night of fights when some of Oceania and Thailand’s fighting warriors stepped into the ring for Brute Force 7 put on by Oceania MuayThai Federation promoter George Kovolos in co-operation with the WMC and IFMA.

The main event was the Australian star Soren "Mongkongtong" King taking on the Thai athlete Vuttichai Jeansiri, the Thai fresh from battles in the Chinese Cup. With a really strong pedigree behind both boys, this was an eagerly anticipated fight. Although weighing the same, Soren came into the fight with a definite height advantage which he used to good effect in the first round, sending in a some great punch combinations putting an standing eight count on the Thai and everyone thought it would be an early night. The second round was slower with both boxers seeming tentative and searching – this picked up dramatically in the 3rd round. Vuttichai really worked on the grappling with his trademark knees, doing his best to tie Soren up and being sent back by a continuous barrage of punching , some accurate elbows coming from both and the Thai charging forward . An exciting 5-round war with Vuttichai taking a points victory and a great performance by both boys who left the ring to a standing ovation.

Another highlight was Australia’s Joel Fisher stepping up against New Zealand’s Sone Vanathy at 63 kgs (IFMA Silver medal winner). This was a great battle with both boxers really powering it up right from the off with powerful leg-kicks. Sone took the second round with a very accurate elbow cutting Joel who fought on with great spirit, giving as good as he got. Incredibly the pace stepped up in the last 3 rounds with both working hard on the grapple, Sone pulling out his trademark jumping knees to the crowd’s delight. It all went down to the wire, both having to pull energy out of nowhere for a thrilling finish - Joel taking a points victory. What a great match between Australia and New Zealand with a rematch already in the pipeline.

A really solid undercard, with fighters from Queensland and New South Wales travelling to take on the Victorian boxers, filled out the night. All the undercard fights were sanctioned by the IFMA with IFMA judges ensuring fair results for all the athletes.

A great international show ,once again showing the talent of Australian fighters and another fantastic event in one of Australia’s major cities – full credit to the Brute Force team, the Oceania MuayThai Federation the WMC and IFMA !